Peer-E-Tareeqat Hazrat Sayed Gulam-Nabi Al-Quadri's origin, Sayed Gulam-Nabi son of Sayed Ibrahim(Moula) son of Sayed Gulam-Nabi(Sufi) Maulana, preacher son of Sayed Ibrahim Sha son of Sayed Moulvi Ameen Sha son of Sayed Amarullah son of Khwaja Ameen Chisti(RH) to Hazrat Sayed Sadat Imam Zainul Abidin(RD).

Hazrat Khwaja Ameen(RH) came from Bijapur to Chikkodi. When he was in the womb of his mother. His father offered 2 Raqaat Nafil and prepared a small ball of cloth, then he read some holy lines(Dua) and asked her to eat it. As soon as she ate Hazrat Khwaja(RH) borned. The piece of that cloth what she had eaten was rolled on the child from umbilicus to knees.

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